Sunday, April 1, 2012

teacher tote - the prototype

I had to make sure the next teachers' gifts were suitable, so I made a prototype.

I made this tote without a pattern, just knowing that it has to be big enough to carry about 20 notebooks. 

Inside there's a little zippered pouch, attached to the tote with a key ring.

tote & pouch, attached 

The pouch is also lined with the same fabric as the interior of the tote. It's a striped soft cotton, but strong enough to support the exterior linen with the "hard work". It's also very easy to wash.

All in all, I'm happy with the idea, but I will make some adjustments in the next versions:
1) the outside pocket is a bit too much: try an inside pocket instead;
2) sew the label in the side seam, and keep it smaller;
3) increase the width of the straps: first off it's to difficult to take them inside out, and secondly one more inch will add to proportions.

I'm still debating if it's better to use Smurfette#2's tote pattern... Maybe I'll make another try, in green, so that I can decide on real things.

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