Thursday, February 23, 2012

messing up with... Nutella!

I should have known beforehand... I've passed my genes onto the next generation. See the glass above? Yep, that's the Nutella glass. I'm addicted to it. No wonder my Smurfettes also are. Two out of two.

I have proofs:

tasting it
really liking it!
It sure boosts your energy (and that's why I have the big jar on my desk at office... with a *big* spoon).

"See Mom? I'm fully recharged!"

Monday, February 13, 2012


Sometimes you find something funny and beautiful even at work... yesterday it snowed and this morning we found this circle in the trucks loading area:

We do know who did it, but for just a little while we simply enjoyed the magic of a perfect thing in a very imperfect place... amazing how a tiny moment can bright your whole day.

Another thing worth the effort to get to work every morning... along with finding the meal ready at lunch and walking 2.3km every day after said lunch before returning at the desk in the office. And the office folklore, of course...

portable changing mat

There's a new baby girl on the way (no, not mine...) and I wanted to make something for the little bundle of joy. I'm planning a quilt for M, but in the meantime I thought of this "transformer" project: a changing mat which morphs into a tote.

This is the changing mat (open):
there are four pockets for diapers, wipes and baby change.

And this is the same thing (closed):
to close the mat into a tote, you just fold the pockets inwards, then fold lengthwise in half.

Soft pink ballons... that's a "fuzzy applique" (or so I call it)

I'm sure I've not invented anything, most changing mats are also bags, so there's really nothing new. Applique decorations were probably also inspired by some picture on the web.

But everything is smooth and soft and ready for M. Her parents liked it and me too... and you?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mira's cowl

As I said last month, I've been knitting. Yesterday I finally finished the cowl, and I must say I really love how this project turned out.

As the pattern said, I worked it straight, not Moebius: at first I had doubts, but now I can see why you don't want to twist the simple but classy pattern: see the photo below?

I opted for the larger version, the one in which the pattern is repeated three times (the smaller one has only two repetitions): that left me with 180 stitches on a circular needle (love that, no seams...).

Mira didn't give any indication about the length of the cowl, she only said "repeat to desired height". I was at a loss: which length should be better for a cowl? What if I made it too short? or too long?

As always when I'm not sure, I turn to mathematic. The best thing about math is it has answers almost for everything. What comes to mind when thinking about proportions? well, easy! the golden ratio.

So now I had my answer: just divide 180 by the golden ratio (φ=1.62 circa). That gave me 111 (too much for the height), so 180-111=69 rows... mhmm, more like it. Turned out the golden ratio was a good one for this project. Yes, I know, in a twisted way, 'cause I didn't directly used the 111 figure.

I know, that sounds pretty insane.... but, hey! it worked. What do you think?

pink fairy costume

Well, Pink Fairy got Smurfette#1's approval.

It's a basic costume, 'cause the teachers told us (enthusiastic) parents that at some point during the school day the costumes would be gone... you know, to learn something. That was fine with me, so I complied planning a simple costume, that Smurfette#1 could take off easily and that would still leave her fully clothed for a school day.

So the gown is a simple jersey full circle skirt, with a silver waist band with plastic automatic buttons on the back. Underneath there's toulle to get the volume. I made four roses with silver strings and attached them at the waist, 'cause "Mom, I'm a spring fairy!".

The top is a simple jersey sleeveless shirt. Wings are from "H&M". No magic wand that could be used as a weapon in school. Better safe than sorry.

Under her costume, she wore leggings and a warm cotton white shirt.

When I picked her up in the afternoon, one of the roses was... separated from the gown, and the hem was nowhere near the white concept anymore... but the whole thing was still in one piece, so to speak.

(Thank god for my Sergej...!)

So for this year I can safely assume I'm done with Smurfette#2's costumes... until Halloween, that is.