Sunday, February 5, 2012

pink fairy costume

Well, Pink Fairy got Smurfette#1's approval.

It's a basic costume, 'cause the teachers told us (enthusiastic) parents that at some point during the school day the costumes would be gone... you know, to learn something. That was fine with me, so I complied planning a simple costume, that Smurfette#1 could take off easily and that would still leave her fully clothed for a school day.

So the gown is a simple jersey full circle skirt, with a silver waist band with plastic automatic buttons on the back. Underneath there's toulle to get the volume. I made four roses with silver strings and attached them at the waist, 'cause "Mom, I'm a spring fairy!".

The top is a simple jersey sleeveless shirt. Wings are from "H&M". No magic wand that could be used as a weapon in school. Better safe than sorry.

Under her costume, she wore leggings and a warm cotton white shirt.

When I picked her up in the afternoon, one of the roses was... separated from the gown, and the hem was nowhere near the white concept anymore... but the whole thing was still in one piece, so to speak.

(Thank god for my Sergej...!)

So for this year I can safely assume I'm done with Smurfette#2's costumes... until Halloween, that is.

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  1. Beautiful! Doesn't every spring fairy get a little rumpled and dirty at school? All of that pushing flowers up out of the dirt is bound to get messy.