Monday, February 13, 2012

portable changing mat

There's a new baby girl on the way (no, not mine...) and I wanted to make something for the little bundle of joy. I'm planning a quilt for M, but in the meantime I thought of this "transformer" project: a changing mat which morphs into a tote.

This is the changing mat (open):
there are four pockets for diapers, wipes and baby change.

And this is the same thing (closed):
to close the mat into a tote, you just fold the pockets inwards, then fold lengthwise in half.

Soft pink ballons... that's a "fuzzy applique" (or so I call it)

I'm sure I've not invented anything, most changing mats are also bags, so there's really nothing new. Applique decorations were probably also inspired by some picture on the web.

But everything is smooth and soft and ready for M. Her parents liked it and me too... and you?


  1. Very clever idea. I've never seen it before, but then I've been out of the baby loop for a while.

  2. Hi, Gio. Really cute idea. Cute fabrics and I especially like the stitching you've done that gives the impression of balloons.
    best, nadia