Tuesday, August 28, 2012

off the hook

Sometimes you end up with a big bag of old, heavy cotton threads and you wonder how to get rid of all that without really throwing it...

One of my grandmother's favourite "scrap" project was a good old crocheted pot holder ("there's no such thing as too many pot holders, dear"), so I thought why not?

It's really simple, in fact. The hardest thing was attaching the flower with the invisible thread, 'cause it tends to shrink the applique... but it worked.

And here's the plus: the pot holder is exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) in the colors of my little kitchen! And it also looks good attached to the backsplash.

I have some thread left... maybe another? after all, Grandma did say that you never have enough pot holders, didn't she?!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Making totes for friends is refreshing... it's a lovely gift and useful too. The last one I made a few days ago, for a friend of mine that needed a BIG tote for her pool stuff.

Based on the rounded tote pattern, I sewed a g-normous bag:

You might have recognized the grey Ikea fabric... a sturdy cotton that I find just perfect for a tote. I lined it with a soft purple cotton, given that my friend is *very* fond of that color...

The personalized touch was easy but the effect is great.

My friend was very happy with her new tote and she used it right away. I think one of the greatest satisfaction in crafting is knowing that one of your handmade gift has been much appreciated!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

almost ready

little ornamental vineyard at work, in the garden (we do have
bigger vineyards, by the way...) 

Well, the job is not the best and surely has its "downs", but it does have its "ups"...

For example, back in june, I had those 24 brand new PCs to configure for some of my users... quite intimidating, ain't they? and a little overwhelming too...


*But* I got to see those beauties when "patrolling" the vineyards (I'm the vice-lucky guy who goes out to read power and water counters...)


I can't really whine, now, can I?

Friday, August 10, 2012


Pieced blocks:

and pieced top:

Now I must figure out a suitable quilting scheme... I don't want to go with my old linear, the white fabric is too stretchy for that...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

back to the quilting way

Hi there, I'm back.

A couple of days ago I got again the quilting frenzy: you know, planning, picking fabric, drawing schemes... this evening I actually took out my charm pack and yardage of white fabric and got down to business.

As in chain piecing

yes, I did sew right there...

and pressing

and finally admiring the view

I don't exactly have a definite plan for this top, the only thing I know is I want it to be a little wonky.

I have to finish piecing the blocks, there's more white sashing to do. Then I'll have to "wonk" it out the blocks and finally piece the whole top.

This quilt will be a surprise gift, so I can't exactly make lots of photos... but you'll get teasers, lots of them. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 6, 2012

I've sewed again!

Today I finally used my sewing machine and serger after a loooong pause. In the chaos of the moving I've been neglected them for long enough.

I made the simplest dress for my Smurfette#2, on a pattern I already used for her, only slightly bigger. I plan on doing another for Smurfette#1 once I find a suitable fabric (light and fresh and NOT pink).

This is it. Sorry, the shots are very poor... but I can't find my camera... I know it's there, I just don't know in which box it is.

The fabric is from my local shop, and it's a very light printed cotton, with uneven dots all over. It's just the perfect thing for the abnormally hot weather we're having here... I don't even know how they named it... Circe, Ulisse, Nerone... this year is all about ancient times... I don't know and I don't care... all I know is that's freaking hot and we're melting... guess I'll sew a few also for me...