Monday, August 27, 2012


Making totes for friends is refreshing... it's a lovely gift and useful too. The last one I made a few days ago, for a friend of mine that needed a BIG tote for her pool stuff.

Based on the rounded tote pattern, I sewed a g-normous bag:

You might have recognized the grey Ikea fabric... a sturdy cotton that I find just perfect for a tote. I lined it with a soft purple cotton, given that my friend is *very* fond of that color...

The personalized touch was easy but the effect is great.

My friend was very happy with her new tote and she used it right away. I think one of the greatest satisfaction in crafting is knowing that one of your handmade gift has been much appreciated!

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  1. Oh, you say right, it's a great satisfaction when someone, may be a friend, is happy for your handmade gift. And a tote bag is always a cute gift.