Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP wednesday #42

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I've skipped 2 weeks because of my summer vacation (part 2), and for this reason I do not have many new things to share.




- lunch bag: I came across the cutest lunch bag on the web and wanted to give it a try. I'm working with only a photo as a pattern, so we'll see what I'll be able to muster up... here is a shot of the pieces:
pre-sewn lunch bag
- kindergarden kit - the pillow (and more bibs): I was under the illusion the Smurfette#2's kindergarden kit was complete and sound... it wasn't. Apparently she'll need more bibs (which I'll be embroidering soon), some bed linen and a light quilt (which I have) and a soft pillow to use when listening to storytelling... I never have all of that...
kindergarden kit, minus latest requests...

ideas for the pillow (see how my mind works? scary, isn't it?)
Paths in my Garden quilt (king size quilt) - on hold while I wait for more fabric

Secret project #1 (lap size quilt) - bought solids I needed and figured out how to make the drawings...

Chains of Love quilt (twin size quilt) - on hold for priority reasons

completed projects: 0
in progress: 5
new projects: 1 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

summer vacation - part 2

Yes, I'm still alive... sorry I didn't post anything in the last 2 weeks, but I was enjoying the sea...

... you know... doing crosswords you never have the time for...

hubs and crosswords 
 ... building improbable sand castles ....

Smurfette#1's architectural efforts
 ... sleeping whenever and wherever you happen to be...

Smurfette#2's yachting experience
... and generally relaxing. You won't see me in photos, I was the one taking them... and nobody took a shot at the photographer (fortunately)...

Friday, August 12, 2011

kindergarden kit - tote

It's done! It was quite a long project, but also very satisfying because it's actually composed by sub-projects, which are smaller and quick.

I had in mind a traditional, straight tote, big enough to carry also the change bag: I already drawn the pattern, but then I saw this post from Ashley @ MakeItAndLoveIt and I knew that I was going to give it a try.

The pattern is so easy to follow! The tote sewed up in no time, really. I added an external pocket, for school messages (they always end up lost or even washed with dirty clothes...).

It's very nice and big, it can easily carry all the things my Smurfette will need to take to school.

I'm very proud on how all details came out neatly.

I used a very stiff linen fabric for the outer side, and a soft and light cotton for the inner side. In a few points there were thick layers of fabric to sew, and I managed to bend my double needle...

I'll definitely make another soon...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP wednesday #39

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week has been very productive, especially on the 'concept' side... the result is that I've completed a few things and thought of more that I could probably handle... same old, same old.


- Chrysalis Sudoku Quilt: it's a baby size quilt, made with charm packs and yardage for the background in the back and the binding. It's waiting for a newborn to pick it up.

the front
the back
the binding

Fabric: Moda Chrysalis by Sanae charm packs, 
Domestic Diva - dots in cream by Riley Blake (binding), egyptian cotton in beige (back)
Thread: Gutermann Creative white and beige
Batting: cotton very light felt

cut, pieced, quilted and bound by me (aprox. time: 8h30')
size: 100cmx100cm

- change bag (subproject of Kindergarden kit)


- tote bag (subproject of Kindergarden kit)

- Paths in my Garden quilt (king size quilt) - on hold while I wait for more fabric

- Secret project #1 (lap size quilt)

- Chains of Love quilt (twin size quilt) - on hold for priority reasons

completed projects: 2
in progress: 4
new projects: 0 (I'm behaving...)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I've quilted (during nap time)

The Chrysalis Sudoku Quilt is finally quilted and now ready to bind!

Yesterday I made the back and the basting and I had no idea how I was going to quilt it. I've slept the whole night (yeah, Smurfette#2 does sleep 11 hours in a row... lucky me!), so this morning no news... but during nap time (eh eh!) I got it.

It's kind of simple, in fact: in the central five square rounds I used a concentric pattern with bubbles and straight lines:

quilting stitches combination
bubbles (left) and straight line (right)

In the external two ones I went with straight lines:

the lines cross at the corners of the quilt
In this quarter of the quilt I highlighted everything so you can get the idea.

yeah, well... I can't draw very straight lines on computers... nor  bubbles
Important note: the little bubbles are a saved sequence in my machine (there's no way I'd be so regular and precise with free motion...), I've only combined it with straight stitches when reaching the corners.

perfect little bubbles (Gracie did it)
my 'intervention' in corners
I'm pretty proud of this one. Can't wait to attach its binding!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

during nap time...

... I can short my 'to-do' list. I know I'm in good company here... ;)

Today I've planned a back for my Chrysalis Sudoku Quilt, cut the necessary fabric, pieced the whole thing, pressed front and back, cut the batting and basted everything up, ready to quilt.

Now I must come up with an idea for a quilting scheme that will suite both the front and the back. It's not going to be simple. It's also likely that I'll ask for your help...

But... here we say that the night brings advice (I don't know if you have something equivalent). So, I'm going out with Doggie, breathe some fresh air (yeah, right... too hot for that...) and finally sleep in my comfy bed.

Hopefully the right inspiration for quilting will hit me soon.

PS: sorry, no photos 'cause I'll take them tomorrow, in natural light.

Friday, August 5, 2011

kindergarden kit - change bag

I'm working on Smurfette#2's kindergarden kit, and today I made the change bag.

The bag is very simple, and I tried not to have raw edges (french seams are pure bliss in case you have this goal, let me tell you...). It can also easily contain the whole 'activity' kit, hence I'm assuming a change set can fit.

This is the bag that will stay at school for any 'change-the-kid!' emergency...

Now on with the tote, which I'll use to bring home clean things and pick up dirty things at school. I'll post when it's done.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

let's play princess

Last year I made a princess costume for Smurfette#1. I obviously forgot that it even existed. She did not.

I searched the whole house then (finally!) I remembered where it was and Smurfette put it on right away. She has even kindly posed for some quick shots (but hurry, mom, I have to play):

It's really simple, in fact, but it sure is nice. Here you can't see the sleeves, 'cause she has her hands on the back, but they are 'medieval' style (tight on the arm, ample towards the hands).

I have only one doubt: didn't I make it a little longer?! She's soooo grown up...!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

it's kindergarden time (again)!

It's mom's fault: just before I went to Austria she told me "Haven't you prepared anything yet for Smurfette#2's kindergarden kits? 'cause she's going in September..." and that was it.

I told you that I wouldn't have been inactive during vacation, and in fact I did make something:

Does it ring a bell? Yep, kindergarden is tough.

I like my cross-stitch back to be clean and nice, and I often have it right, but when letters are involved it's sometimes tricky...

the whole 'activity' kit
hearts are all over

My old flame cross-stitch comes in handy for this purpose, but I'm also putting to good use my sewing skills for the 'containers':

bib pocket

I've already designed the change bag and the tote bag, which I'll post about when they're done.

small new blog meet up @ lilysquilts

Small Blog Meet

(changed the above icon into the new one)

Hi, I'm linking up to Lily's blog (which is wonderful, by the way) so you all can come and visit my little space.

I'm Gio, I'm 37 (but feeling 25...) and this is me:

I wish I was a stay-at-home mom (and I badly envy you all that actually are one), but I sadly must divide my time between:
  • my two Smurfettes (#1 is almost 6 and #2 is 7 months old)

  • my hubs

  • Doggie

  • my sewing addition
  • my job (full time, at times folkloristic, at times boring, always not paid enough and I'm currently not sure if it's exactly worth it, and yet...)
  • life in general.

If I have to dream, I dream big: I wish I had my own business, and I really want it involved fabric, quilting, sewing, ... you get the idea.

But for now (till I retire, I think - and that is a very loooong time span, given the current law...) I have my blog, and quite frankly it's enough to have my little dream come true day by day!

Feel free to drop a hello, here or in my mailbox giovanna(dot)pertile(at)gmail(dot)com.