Friday, August 12, 2011

kindergarden kit - tote

It's done! It was quite a long project, but also very satisfying because it's actually composed by sub-projects, which are smaller and quick.

I had in mind a traditional, straight tote, big enough to carry also the change bag: I already drawn the pattern, but then I saw this post from Ashley @ MakeItAndLoveIt and I knew that I was going to give it a try.

The pattern is so easy to follow! The tote sewed up in no time, really. I added an external pocket, for school messages (they always end up lost or even washed with dirty clothes...).

It's very nice and big, it can easily carry all the things my Smurfette will need to take to school.

I'm very proud on how all details came out neatly.

I used a very stiff linen fabric for the outer side, and a soft and light cotton for the inner side. In a few points there were thick layers of fabric to sew, and I managed to bend my double needle...

I'll definitely make another soon...

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  1. All of the other moms will be wanting one for their kids too!