Saturday, August 6, 2011

during nap time...

... I can short my 'to-do' list. I know I'm in good company here... ;)

Today I've planned a back for my Chrysalis Sudoku Quilt, cut the necessary fabric, pieced the whole thing, pressed front and back, cut the batting and basted everything up, ready to quilt.

Now I must come up with an idea for a quilting scheme that will suite both the front and the back. It's not going to be simple. It's also likely that I'll ask for your help...

But... here we say that the night brings advice (I don't know if you have something equivalent). So, I'm going out with Doggie, breathe some fresh air (yeah, right... too hot for that...) and finally sleep in my comfy bed.

Hopefully the right inspiration for quilting will hit me soon.

PS: sorry, no photos 'cause I'll take them tomorrow, in natural light.

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