Thursday, February 23, 2012

messing up with... Nutella!

I should have known beforehand... I've passed my genes onto the next generation. See the glass above? Yep, that's the Nutella glass. I'm addicted to it. No wonder my Smurfettes also are. Two out of two.

I have proofs:

tasting it
really liking it!
It sure boosts your energy (and that's why I have the big jar on my desk at office... with a *big* spoon).

"See Mom? I'm fully recharged!"


  1. We found Nutella a couple of years ago and since then my hubby won't eat peanut butter anymore, it's Nutella on the sandwiches or nothing! Usually anything chocolate is instant love for me, but I just can't eat Nutella on a sandwich, I do love to dip pretzels in it though! Oh, and the spoon option also. :)