Saturday, March 3, 2012

I know it's almost spring...

... 'cause I've been to Abilmente in Vicenza, and it was the spring installment. So on with the spring spirit!

This is what I brought home from the fair.

I must admit I didn't appreciate the smaller size of the fair, although there was plenty of shops and stands and crafty things. I had fun anyway. I just didn't like the cake design section so much, especially when that way you end up with less space for other creativity fields... Enough with the rambling.

I bought some quilting notion: a bigger rule (Omnigrid) that I paid half of the one that's half its size; a magic pen, water washable, for the quilting.

There also was the national association, so I went to get my badge... finally!

Then I fell in love with this book that explores various techniques for paper, some easy and kid suitable, others a little more complex.

I was in desperate need of ribbons (baby pattern), bias, ric-rac and nylon string for beads.

Then I found those two essences: orange and cinnamon. I plan on making something for my bathroom.

These are cutter (for paper) that I bought for my daughter, who's very crafty with colored cards: and I didn't resist this other border cutter:

I finally found these (photo below - I don't know how you call them), to be soon used for key rings:

Some stamps and ink both for me and for my daughter.

A friend of mine gave me this stick of pure and organic linen: I must think of something to embroid, now, right?

And lastly: a wood heart that's almost identical to the one in my logo... had to get it!

On sunday morning I'll return to the fair with a friend of mine at her first experience. It will be fun! (again)

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