Thursday, March 15, 2012

gardens and new project

I have a new obsession: vertical gardens.

A vertical garden is a great way to go green, decorate and train your green thumb (even if you don't have one...). In a vertical garden, plants, flowers or vegetables are "stored" vertically, in many possible ways. You can use a simple shelf, or a specifically designed shelf. Both work well. So basically you can get a vertical garden with whatever budget you want.

I especially like this (professional) solution, which is very neat and minimal:

YUU modular system @ Borella Designs
But I happen to like also other DIY solutions, like this one:

found here
or this one:

found here
Having two kids, I thought about giving into this new obsession of mine and make it into a long-term educative project for them. So I'm planning something like this one:

found here
which is both cheap and suitable for my limited space requisite... I already purchased soil and seeds, I've plenty of wood crates to put plants in and I'm going to get just the right shelf (the same one in the above photo, by the way) which incidentally is the Lerberg @ Ikea

(see? Ikea addicted)

I'll share the steps of the project with you, kids, dirt and all. :)

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