Monday, March 19, 2012

another way to go green on St Patrick day

I'm not Irish, but this year I went green in my own way on St Patrick day. It was a coincidence.
I planned to work at our vertical garden on Saturday morning, with both girls to help out with soil and seeds, but it was too chill and windy for the little one. Only Smurfette#1 did work outside with me. Smurfette#2 was crying and yelling and drooling at the window, wanting to "have fun" with me and her older sister (we did try to keep her otherwise occupied... to no avail, she kept running for the window).

I had taken home some wood boxes I had at work, which I was using as shelves for my server farm room... I know, I'm crafty even at work... I'm hopeless.

(please, don't mind the mess) In this shot, I had already removed three boxes (top right)

The boxes are marked with our brand (I work at a medium sized winery): at first I wanted to erase that and paint the boxes, but I actually like them better as they are.

On saturday morning, I prepared the boxes: I put inside a film (which I had previously pierced with little holes for transpiration) to protect the wood, then I added some clay balls for draining. Smurfette#1 put a thin layer of manure (when she understood what it was she made a priceless "ewww" face) and then proceeded to fill the box with soil. We then planted the seeds and, after covering with some more soil, she proudly and happily watered about with her brand new watering can.

Sorry, I didn't take any picture of that, cause I was hands deep in everything... not so practical, nor clean.

boxes all ready
We lacked the shelf, though, so the boxes sat on the floor till Sunday, when we came home from a spot trip to Ikea. I built up the thing (very easy, 10 minutes max), with the omnipresent allen key (which is also - and not casually - the Ikea iPhone app symbol...)

the making of the shelf
When it was in its place, I positioned the boxes. I was under the illusion that for each shelf there would have been two of them... unfortunately, they are 1 single millimetre too large to fit (@#&%$!), but maybe it's better that way, so the light can reach the plants more efficiently.

and that's it, all done (mostly) - in this shot you can't see the box of tomatos (bottom left)
I'll buy another, if that's the case. For the time being, the garden is so composed (top to bottom, left to right):
1st shelf: vase of little yellow roses - strawberries
2nd shelf: radish - accessories for gardening
3rd shelf: lavender - zucchini
4th shelf: box for carrots (yet to come)
on the floor, to the left: tomatos

Also, on the balcony, I planted some rosemary (cutting from the garden outside the office...), sage, and a friend of mine (well, her mother, who obviously doesn't trust us with the seeds... and maybe she's right) is growing basil also for me.

I've still some seeds left to plant, but the time is not right... and time in gardening is essential.

I'll let you know if we improve our garden.

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  1. Very clever. I hope it all grows well for you.