Saturday, March 31, 2012

fabric shopping fun

Last thursday I went fabric shopping. But this time I actually had a project in mind, *and* I wasn't alone... Actually, said project is a shared one: we are talking about teachers' gifts. Yeah, I know, isn't it a bit early for that? Well, no. We have to make 4.

With a dear friend of mine (A), who's also a colleague, we thought about something simple but classy, a teacher tote for bringing about homework to correct, projects for the kids, and so on.

A has a 7 years old daughter, and my Smurfette#1 is 6, so both are in primary school. The girls have two "main" teachers each (one is for humanistic, one is for math), so we thought about a simple tote with a little coordinated pouch, made in four versions.

We took our Smurfettes with us (big mistake, if you ask me, you just can't focus on anything with three overexcited girls, two of them laughing and running around...) and went to the local fabric shop.

We did find the right fabric: linen, in bright blue and green, for the exterior of the tote, and a cute white fabric with green and pink fruits and another white with colored stripes, for the lining. This shopping session was so satisfying!!!

And you? what are you planning for teachers' gifts this year?

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  1. One year I crochetted "fluff" on flip flops. They were a big hit.