Sunday, March 11, 2012

my new knitting needles roll

It has become a necessity. Smurfette#2 (1 year old) often follows me in my craft space and lately explores it too... meaning everything is dragged out of its place and played with. When it comes to my knitting needles, I become (understandably) nervous... you know, pointy metal object and all... I had to hide away everything.

So... ta-daaaa! this is how I thought the whole thing.

This is the closed roll: no points, no needles around to play with.

This is the roll open: plenty of space for my needles.
I made two pockets in different heights to hold needles and smaller accessories. Each pocket is divided in slots, to keep firmly in place everything.

In the top pocket there's space for my needles (obviously ordered by size - big to small), I've even three free slots for future needle shopping...

In the bottom pocket (left to right): circular needle, two points knitting pins, various stitch holders.

I wanted the roll to be functional, but I added a cute fabric detail as simple decoration. I left the borders raw, simply zig-zagged. On the back, the same fabric and the same technique for the two diagonal stripes.

For a 20 minutes project, I'm really satisfied: fast, easy, functional and pretty.

Maybe one for my crochet hooks...?

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