Friday, March 9, 2012

life lessons and kids

Today I read this post by Charity@Indietutes: oh, girl, I can definitely relate to that!

I have two girls: one is 1 year old and cannot properly talk (yet), and one is 6 and she sure knows one thing or two...

Now, and - if the present is of any indication - in the future, I'll have my share of life lessons to hand out, and undoubtly my share of awe at kids' reasoning and understanding of life. Never fail to amaze me, those two...

Hopefully, I'll get the same amount of life lessons from them. Can't wait! :)

Smurfette#1: 6 years old
 this is her very first day at school (september 2011).
See that grin? yeah, she's like that...

Smurfette#2: 1 year old
that's the face "thanks mom, I can manage"

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  1. They are beautiful.

    Don't blink. They will be big before you know it.