Sunday, March 25, 2012

baby sling

When I was expecting my younger Smurfette, I thought about making a sling to carry her about. I had already gone through the strolley waltzer... baby in, baby out, fold, put in the car, get from the car, baby in, slalom, etc etc. You know the drill.

I made myself a sling, very simple, using this tutorial, and I'm still using it now (14 months after).

The trick of the longevity of a sling is that there's a baby position for every age. Well, that and having good back muscles...

I find it very useful (it does fit in any bag, unlike the stroller), and I promised to make one also for a friend of mine (P's mom) who's expecting her little one.

Since P's a boy, I opted for the always suitable fabric of Ikea, the one with the hippos (which is now discontinued, I believe... I can't find it on the site, but they still sell it at the shop).

With this project, I've discovered Gracie's hem foot (see here why my sewing machine actually has a name): IT'S GREAT! I've never used it before... serves me well, now I'll think twice before dropping apparently useless accessories.

see the perfect hem? ah!
made with this buddy
Next sling it's going to be in stretchy fabric: I'll make it for me, since now that Smurfette#2 is older (and indeed bigger...) it might come in handy.

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