Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mira's cowl

As I said last month, I've been knitting. Yesterday I finally finished the cowl, and I must say I really love how this project turned out.

As the pattern said, I worked it straight, not Moebius: at first I had doubts, but now I can see why you don't want to twist the simple but classy pattern: see the photo below?

I opted for the larger version, the one in which the pattern is repeated three times (the smaller one has only two repetitions): that left me with 180 stitches on a circular needle (love that, no seams...).

Mira didn't give any indication about the length of the cowl, she only said "repeat to desired height". I was at a loss: which length should be better for a cowl? What if I made it too short? or too long?

As always when I'm not sure, I turn to mathematic. The best thing about math is it has answers almost for everything. What comes to mind when thinking about proportions? well, easy! the golden ratio.

So now I had my answer: just divide 180 by the golden ratio (φ=1.62 circa). That gave me 111 (too much for the height), so 180-111=69 rows... mhmm, more like it. Turned out the golden ratio was a good one for this project. Yes, I know, in a twisted way, 'cause I didn't directly used the 111 figure.

I know, that sounds pretty insane.... but, hey! it worked. What do you think?

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