Tuesday, September 13, 2011

meet Sergej!

Look who's joined the fun!

Remember that I named my sewing machines? And that I firmly believe that a serger is a 'he'? Well, meet Sergej (hubs: why Sergej? and why russian? - me: dunno, that's the first name I thought about when I built it... - hubs: nonsense - me: yeah, right...)

After Bernie's comment and the following emails, I went to my favorite shop and had a heart to heart conversation with the owner, who basically told me the same things as Bernie. Therefore I decided that I didn't really need electronics nor super-stitches, but I actually needed an entry level machine. After all, I'm not a professional and I don't plan on making top fashion garments...

This beauty, however, is a top hobby level serger which works beautifully (I tried him at the shop) and makes just the things I need, so I'm HAPPY!!!

Can't wait to play with him (maybe tomorrow...?)!!!


  1. good for you Gio - can't wait to see what all you create with your new serger. Looks like a real workhorse. I am excited for you. Bernie

  2. Hurray! I see lots of lovely little girlie things in Sergej's future. (Great name by the way.)