Saturday, September 3, 2011

kindergarden pillow

I've finished Smurfette#2's kindergarden pillow, which is supposed to be used when listening to storytelling... so the softer, the better.

I went with 50x50cm in size and polyester for extra softness. And being a stay-on-the-floor pillow, a soft cotton cover (with a very practical zipper) that can be easily washed whenever it gets dirty. The pink fabric I used for the kindergarden kit was just perfect for this project also.
the finished pillow
And because a simple cover never seems to be enough when it comes to kids, I added a fabric butterfly, with big wings which I left free (the butterfly is sewed on the pillow at its body). Smurfette#2 could play with the wings when listening to her teacher.

big butterfly on the pillow: I used the same color palette as in the kit
detail of the free wings
And because I recently discovered I did have a fantastic zipper foot, I made good use of it and with no efforts of sorts.

The final touch: the name is embroidered with the embedded alphabet of my sewing machine (Gracie).

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  1. Adorable! What more could a little girl want? She will be the envy of all her class mates.