Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP wednesday #43

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This seems to be a no-quilts time, 'cause I'm always involved in extra projects... hope to be back in line soon...


- kindergarden pillow: here you can find the specific post. It's been much appreciated by Smurfette#2's teacher.

- girls' bedroom light blind: the girls' bedroom is a bit poorly lit during the day, so it really needed a veiled blind. I already purchased the right piece to try this project out and I finally spent an hour during a quiet evening to tackle this item off my to-do list. This is how it's turned out. Just the right effect with so little effort! (sorry for the not so ideal light...)
girls' bedroom: there's only one roof window, so poor light
view from the lower standpoint
detailed view (see the roof imperfection? yeah, right...)
It really was simple to sew and now is off my to-do list!

Too bad now there's a new blind in the list, this time obscurant (for nap times)...


- fishnet: yeah, you just read that. Fact is that we bought a basket ball for Smurfette#1 but she didn't like the bag for it, so I thought I could do a string net with knots used by fish men... what a fool! It's quite simple, but very long. Now I know how sailors spent the time on their vessels... time-consuming.
Since I'm not a sailor, nor a knots expert, I'm probably not using the right method, but it's working so who am I to complain? It's coming out just perfect for the purpose.

lunch bag: just like last week (on hold)
pre-sewn lunch bag
Paths in my Garden quilt (king size quilt) - on hold while I wait for more fabric

Secret project #1 (lap size quilt) - bought solids I needed and figured out how to make the drawings...

Chains of Love quilt (twin size quilt) - on hold for priority reasons

completed projects: 2
in progress: 5
new projects: 3 


  1. Hallo Gio
    You seem to be my kind of person; just love your blog and the ideas you have. The knitted babythrow is beautiful! I'd make one myself, but I haven't got anyone to give it to.
    From the picture of your fishing net I thought you had pearls added; would that be an idea for the next project? (I throwing in pearls at most everything I do at the moment).
    As it says Mediatechnics on my door I have no difficulties believing the IT thing...We should share our stories sometime; I certainly have some amusing ones.

  2. Look at you - making a net! that is so cool. Love the window solution.