Monday, September 26, 2011

pants (baby size)

I've finally had the chance to use my serger and try sewing some (easy) garment.

I made little pants (no patterns, just a pair of pants in the right size) for Smurfette#2. She tends to sleep without any cover (what's with my girls and sheets already?!?), so I have to dress her with something...

I had one yard of knit fabric of the right weight, and cut the parts. Ok, I cut twice, 'cause the first time I didn't count enough allowance... but hey! I've learned.

That was actually the hardest part, 'cause sewing the pants up only took me no more than 10 minutes... waistband included.

That's the result:

Maybe not haute couture, but it's nice and it works. That's fine with me (for now).

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