Sunday, September 4, 2011

small blog meet @ lilysquilts

Small Blog Meet

Hi everyone!

Thanks to lilysquilts for hosting again this wonderful virtual meeting, which I'm attending for the second time.

If you are new to my blog, here you can find a brief introduction. And whether you're new or not, you are obviously welcome to browse through my posts and contact me at this address.

As for my August production, there's nothing much to say, since it's been summer vacation time.

Most of the time I planned and worked on the back-to-school thing for Smurfette#2. Well, it's more to-school, without the back part, since she's less than 8 months old... but kindergarden is quite tough nonetheless. Here's the kit I completed the last month:
bibs and towels

bib bag

change bag

As for the quilting session, I finally finished my Chrysalis Sudoku Quilt, which I'm tempted to keep for myself, by the way...


I know, not so productive... but I can't spend too much time in my sewing room when real life's calling, now, can I? wish I could.... don't we all to?


  1. Hi Gio, My name is Sandie, I came over from Lily'ssmall blog meet. I like your embroidery. I wish I took more time to do some myself. But i'm always busy quilting :):) Hope to see ya at my blog. Hugs-- Sandie

  2. I agree that life gets in the way and sometimes I just want to be outside. I tend to have some hand sewing projects in the summer which I can do outside. I found you from Lily's
    Quilts SBM and loved seeing the embroidery and all that you did for your little one.

  3. Hi popping over from Lily's quilts SBM and loving your Chrysalsis quilt. Gorgeous colours and design! Following now! x