Sunday, September 18, 2011

craft room restyling - take 2

Every now and then (too often, if you listen to hubs) I feel the need of a revolution and begin to paint walls, haul furniture around and generally turn a supposed mess into something more pleasing to the eye.

My craft room (being my space and all) is frequently subjected to some kind of reorganization, sometimes minor, at times major.

As much as I'd like to own a big enough house to have a specific room to call 'lab', and being conscious that I'd never reach the fabulous levels of some of your craft spaces, I'm trying my best to keep my little corner in the best condition I can.

You may remember the beginning:

craft room 1.0

craft room 1.5
I didn't have the storage I needed, so I upgraded to version 2.0:

craft room 2.0
This version had some things I needed to change, both for practical reasons and aesthetics.

First of all, my table (on the left in the photo) was directly under the air conditioning system, which was noooo good for my health. Plus, light hit the table from the right, and with me being right handed it was simply poor. The other light points where placed on the left (not shown in photo) and under the shelf in the right, under the roof window. All wrong.

The chest of drawers on the right was used as change table for Smurfette#2, and in the drawers I had to keep her clothes and all. Lots of no crafting space.

The white square shelfs (Ikea's Expedit, in case you're wondering) where not so practical as library: things were sparse and my sense of proportion was a little offended by this 'highness' near another (the fabric storage). I didn't really like also that they were so different in style from everything else.

Then there was the wall color. I'm more in tune with something pale green, almost sage green, but very light. The creamy is not so flattering in this room any more.

What did I do?

I moved the Expedits in the girls' bedroom for toys storage (perfect), I swapped the table and the chest of drawers (Smurfette#2 now has her own change table in the bathroom - waaay more convenient) and I bought a smaller Smadal shelf at Ikea (same line as the fabric storage, yuppie!).

craft room 3.0
Now everything is better. I didn't paint the wall, 'cause I didn't have time, but I'll do it as soon as I can. I already have the paint. Also, I didn't finish to repaint the chest of drawers (I'm making it cream white), but I promise to complete this project soon.

I'm satisfied (for now, at least).

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  1. your sewing space looks cosy! I came over from the small blog meet.