Thursday, April 21, 2011

craft room revamping

My craft room is not a room, it's more a corner... but it does work, because it's a corner of the spare bedroom and it is very conveniently placed just below the roof window.

craft room 1.0
Since the above photo, things have been reorganized a little bit (thanks to lovely Ikea), and now the place looks like this:

craft room 1.5

As you can see, it's been transformed into a nursery, thanks to Smurfette#2. The table should work like that for a while (hopefully NOT till potty training...!), but I'm thinking about revamping the whole thing to version 2.0 (in which my sewing machine will join the party).

This project should be a consequence of our studio restyling, and relocation of some furniture will be in order. Everything is very clear in my mind, but I must wait till next trip to Ikea to make the dream come true.

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