Sunday, April 17, 2011

friday in Gardaland

Smurfette#1 on baby merry-go-round
... light start ...
We have the (questionable) privilege to live near one of the biggest and most famous theme park in Italy, Gardaland. And we have two daughters. Once in a while we MUST go there.

Last friday we decided to leave our youngest (3 months old) at her granny and take our oldest (5 years old) to the park.

Smurfette#1 with fake cowboy in Rio Bravo
We hit all attractions we could, minus some which required a minimum height of 120cm... (our smurfette lacked 2cm, unfortunately). We had tons and tons of fun!

Spongebob's 4D show
(this is a must)
Smurfette#1's painted arm

Smurfette#2 acting up
Mommy, next time I want to come too...

We had 6 hours of kiddy happiness, and Smurfette#2 was a bit disappointed when we picked her up at Granny... sorry Baby, it was too windy for you... next time...

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