Sunday, May 29, 2011

craft corner in the making

Now that the flooring issue is over, I can concentrate on organizing the new sewing corner. Previous versions had a big table area and the storage was not so functional.

I found that I really don't need a big table, because I always end up cutting my fabric on the kitchen table (which allows me to walk all around) and sewing on my FANTASTIC little folding table (Muddus@Ikea).
So now I'm going to place the little fellow with my sewing machine in my corner.

Next, a little thought about my fabric stash: I realized I needed something to keep the dust away from my fabric, but I wanted also to still see the whole stash. Guess what? Smadal@Ikea with its glass doors is just the right thing.

Then, for the library and some other assorted things, I had some (Ikea) furniture to replace.

This is the partial result of the restyling:
craft corner 2.0 (almost)
You can see on the left the space I left for the sewing table, which will have also a brand new comfy chair with a fluffy pillow. I'm also repainting an old (Ikea... what else?) chest of drawers that's going to be on the right, below the wall shelf and the hearts. That would be plenty of storage.

When everything is complete, I'll show you things in details. For now, the only detail I want to share is a little Thun bell that a dear friend of mine gave to me on my birthday. Sooo nice!

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