Sunday, June 5, 2011

teacher's gift - complete

Now we're ready to give Smurfette#1's teacher her gift.
Besides the tote itself, we included the following:
tote and its content

  • two little books of crafting with kids (a teacher should never get short of those);
  • summer bracelets in different colors (this teacher really likes this style);
  • a paper flower (made by Smurfette#1), 'cause (and I quote) "teachers should always have flowers";
  • a string bracelet (again by Smurfette#1): you may have noticed the small beads in green, white and red... Smurfette#1 really likes this Italy's (150th) birthday thing and never fails to celebrate... (she scolded us because we didn't have a flag to show off on the balcony - like half of Italy, I might add: she painted the flag on paper and she attached it with tape on the door...)

I'm also going to include a special note for the teacher as a "thank you so much" for everything she's done for my daughter in these three years. Hope she'll like her gift!

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