Monday, June 20, 2011

planning of Chrysalis Sudoku Quilt

Today I sat and planned my Chrysalis Sudoku Quilt.

Since we took the process pledge, I'll drabble a little about that planning (failure).

traces of planning
I was naif enough to think that a single charm pack would do. That firm belief lasted a few seconds, then the math section of my brain kicked in and started calculating slicing and sashing. Very soon it was clear that, needing 81 blocks with only 9 types of pattern on the fabric, I should have sliced each 5"square in four pieces... losing the beauty of the Chrysalis patterns and having definitely too much sashing.

I resolved then on ordering two more Chrysalis charm packs (and finding them was more difficult than I thought... but thanks Frontier Fabrics) and rearranging the squares I had chosen to use.

I already completed a (medium level) sudoku game, which will be the pattern for my piecing, and I have clear in my mind the whole project. But I must wait for the charm packs to arrive before I can start. Huff! That will be the hardest part.
the sudoku game for the quilt
(feel free to play, it's easy)
By the way, I've learnt an important lesson on sudoku quilts: charm packs are not the best choice. You would probably do better with layer cakes or (better yet) with yardage.

Oh well... next time!

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