Thursday, June 23, 2011

mug rug Provence style

In the end, we all seem to succumb to this virus, the 'mug rug fever'. I'm no exception. 

I've been eyeing one particular section of my stash for quite some time, and today I wanted a project easy and fast enough to test my sewing machine quilting skills. I also wanted to try a new batting (some light felted fabric) and see how it comes out once it's quilted.

I had a little fat quarters bundle (6 pieces) with Provence colors and patterns which I've always wanted to use: I decided for a somewhat modern design, very easy and speedy for my first mug rug project.

freshly pieced stripes for the project
The top sewed up in no time, it really was very easy. Then I cut the batting and a solid cream back (I didn't want to complicate things) and started quilting with a very simple straight lines pattern alternated with curly ones. You can see what I'm talking about in the next photos:

on the front

on the back

Next I sewed and attached the binding (sorry, I still handstitch on the back, I'm not brave enough to try out the machine binding tutorials you all keep talking about).

I'm satisfied with the final product and I've achieved my goals for this project:
  1. I did make a mug rug that's pleasing to watch;
  2. I've finally used my long-eyed bundle of Provence fabric;
  3. my sewing machine is quilt-ok;
  4. the (felted) batting works for this kind of projects, but it probably will be too stiffy for a quilt.

Yes, it's been a productive day! Got to have some tea...

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  1. It's a beautiful mug rug!!I love those colors so fresh and light and the quilting is .....super...extrasuper!!! You have deserved a good cup of tea....!