Friday, September 9, 2011

kindergarden - the never-ending story

I have four nephews: two are in school, one is in pre-school and one in kindergarden. Once in a while, some of them need something handcrafted, and I'm the crafty aunt. Lucky me! No, seriously, I love making something for them.

This time, Sis (who's a totally can-I-have-it-already-made-please person) asked me some bags and bibs for  Smurf#2 in kindergarden.

Yesterday evening I started on this project with the first bag.

I had just the right type of fabric, obviously Ikea, which has a fabulous selection of fabrics for kids. With the considerably positive plus of being super-affordable...

I made a bag for the weekly change, with the name cross stitched.

the front
the back

 Isn't this print the cutest ever? It's bright and happy.

For the embroidered part I used cotton emiane and satin ribbon. This time I didn't use an alphabet, but I've  transformed my own handwriting in cross stitch letters. I'm happy with the result.

planning the handwriting2cross stitch thing

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  1. Um hmm. Now his class mates are going to want them too!

    Ikea does have fun kids prints. Great job Aunt Gio