Sunday, September 18, 2011

light-blocking blind

One more thing off my to-do list! I promised I'd make a heavy-cotton blind for the girls' bedroom, 'cause the roof window has not an embedded blind and sometimes there's just too much light in the room, especially for sleeping.

I already made the lighter version, and I already had the right fabric for the heavy one.
Gunilla @ Ikea - I used the orange one
I opted for a simpler version of the blind than I originally thought, so I only needed two extensible bars and a 65cm x 150cm piece of the fabric above.

I serged (eh eh eh!) the raw edges and refined everything with my sewing machine. It took only 15 minutes to complete. And I love the result.

the window is open, that's why the blind is bi-color 

And you know the best part? Only 6.35 EUR!!! (3.10 EUR for the bars, 3.25 EUR for the fabric) And the priceless satisfaction of making something with your hands that meets perfectly your specifications. Simply wonderful!

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