Saturday, September 10, 2011

home longing

I've been watching houses related shows on cable tv. Did you know they are addictive? Now I do.

I've always loved the idea of restoring an old house into something completely new and better. I even did it once with our previous home (well, not alone, obviously). After everything we went through I was sure that never in this lifetime I'd have engaged again in something so hard, complex, time and money consuming, bla bla bla... But... I'd be willing again to try another experience. Yes, it's not the right moment (world being in crisis and all), we just bought a new home, kids are too young and certainly we do not want a mortgage *now*. So this longing for restoring/building a home has to remain a wishful thinking.

I'll stick with tv shows, living vicariously others' experiences, and green buildings newsletters.

Because green buildings are addictive too. In fact, more than a restoring I'd like a new building better. Needless to say, I already have a clear idea as to what exactly I'd like, which is fortunately and happily shared by hubs... want a little hint? here it is.

you should know by now that I like to dream big...

Ah! Now you can see why it's such an improbable dream... Yeah, that's true, that one is a Huf house: possibly one of the very best green building system in the world (and one of the prettiest, too).

If some of you feels like donating me one, please do. I promise I won't be offended by your generosity. Otherwise I'll have to wait til the lottery numbers will match mine...


  1. Greetings from Tunisia! Stopped by Quilter Blogs to enjoy your blog. You remind me of how busy life can be with small ones around and trying to have a job and creative activities. More power to you!
    Once I told my husband that I would have liked to restore an old house. He said "What about ours?" He was right! Been working on it ever since!
    best, nadia

  2. I love these shows too. So many wonderful ideas but you seem to need wads of cash to do them up. Grand Designs is my favourite from the UK.