Tuesday, September 6, 2011

for the love of knitting

With the end of summer and autumn slowly approaching, I itch to pick up my knitting needles and try something new.

Knitting has been my very first crafty thing, at the age of 6. I always went to my grandma (my father's mom) to spend some time with her in the summer, and she taught me to knit. She wasn't a grand knitter, but she did make garments and she could manage simple projects. She taught me the basics: I learned the rest by myself, with practice.

In almost 30 years I've knitted sweaters, scarfs, gloves, shawls and baby bed covers. One of my latest works is in fact a bed cover which was a gift for my sister's firstborn:

It also has been used for son#2 and now I'm using it for my Smurfette#2.

Knitting is unfortunately a time-consuming crafting, and I can't engage in complex or long projects at the moment, so I resist the itch and neglect my needles a while longer...

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  1. Beautiful! Thank God for Grandma's that take the time to pass on things like knitting. Maybe a pair of smurfett socks would satisfy the itch....they are one of my favorite things to knit.