Sunday, September 2, 2012

instead of a headboard... - part 2

So today I snapped some photos with my phone, ergo... do not expect good quality. I'll make amend when my camera shows up and is properly charged.

This is the "headboard":

Ok, so the bed is a little messy... sorry for that.

This was also my first try-the-piping-thing project, and I totally intend to use this technique again.

The second instance was up and about in no time... experience does count, or so it seems...

I have a project or two still left for the girls' room, and then I'll give you the grand tour, as an "after" of my previous "before". Stay tuned!


  1. Hi, Gio. Your bolster looks great and I had never thought of one as a headboard replacement. Good idea.
    best, nadia