Saturday, September 1, 2012

instead of a headboard...

... why not a bolster?

Smurfettes' beds don't have a headboard, and after long and careful thinking I didn't want to make things heavy with something woody, so I decided for a textile solution.

I surfed the net for inspiration, but everything was tufted or overly stuffed, and I wanted something more versatile, not to mention easily washable... you can probably relate with that last requirement if you happen to have kids like mine... artists, that is.

I came across a disquisition on the difference between bolsters and lumbars (I didn't even suspect there was a difference, by the way), and my brain lighted the proverbial light bulb. I stumbled upon this self explanatory picture that helped me in the choice:

found @ The Nester: check that blog, it's worth it

So today I got to work. I bought a roll of foam and cut it accordingly to the suitable size (and before you ask: I opted for a lumbar, not regular, 'cause it's about 17"x36"), bought also the striped cotton and linen heavy fabric, got out of my old stash a beige panama cloth for lining, a roll of purple bias tape and a sisal string (the last two for piping) and busied myself.

See the picture above? I was really busy for the whole afternoon, since I deployed the prototype, which in fact is so good that got promoted to the real thing.

I must clone that for the second bed, but I'm very satisfied of the result. You'll get to see the pictures tomorrow, 'cause the light is just horrible and everything keeps coming out wrong.

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