Monday, October 1, 2012

kids' rack for towels - school edition

School has started. I can't believe Smurfette#1 is in her 2nd year... where does the time go?!

This year the teachers want the kids to use fabric towels instead of paper ones, so I duly sent my girl to school with one of her old labelled towels she used in preschool (never throw away those!).

Some days after, the teacher asked for some hooks, 'cause the towels (hanging under the jackets) seemed to never be reached by little hands... (on the other hand, the jackets...)

One of the teachers pointedly watched me saying "we could use a rack, if some of you parents are feeling crafty..." Duly noted. So... wait while processing... and that's the result:

horrible shot of the rack
Bought a wood piece (plain), drilled little holes for little metal hooks, used a brush with green paint, white paint, passed sand paper, added little plastic insects for decoration and stamped little numbers over every hook.

A busy hour, but very satisfying. Teachers' feedback was also positive, so everybody is happy.

perspective view
"worm" detail
"butterfly" detail

What do you think?

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