Sunday, October 28, 2012

makeover for Flyt

I have tons of Ikea FLYT cardboard containers, but I don't like the white raw look they have, not really. I knew someone before thought about decoupage and other similar things, so this idea is not entirely mine... I'm just personalizing with my fabric of choice.

Wanna make one with me?

Then you'll need fabric, glue, trim, a piece of cardboard, scissors, medium brush and a pen. Oh, and of course a FLYT...

You must build your FLYT as always, following instructions. Then you place it on the fabric: tumble it  in every direction, to check if you have enough fabric to cover the thing. Also add 1cm for the borders.

Cut the fabric to cover exactly the sides of your FLYT.

Brush glue on the entire side, just don't glue the borders or the cardboard will bend very un-nicely.

Attach the fabric to the glued side and press with your hands to smooth.

Cut the fabric on top following the shape of your FLYT. You'll end up with a nice scrap for future projects.

Put glue on the fabric (it will be more precise than if you glued the cardboard), and brush it all the way to the border. Be generous, but do not exaggerate.

Flip down to the cardboard the just glued fabric and press with your fingers. You don't need to cut the fabric to follow the curves, it's an oblique cut and it's like working with bias tape.

Make also the other side, in the same manner. Then switch to the smaller back/front (I don't know which is which). Cut the fabric a bit larger on the sides, for the overlapping junctions.

Cut the excess of fabric (always leaving some length for the border) and work exactly as you did for the sides: you just have to also put glue on the fabric that will overlap on the sides.

Do the same thing also on the other side. Now your FLYT is all dressed up.

(sorry, I don't know *why* this image just doesn't flip right...)
While the glue is drying, you can work on the label. I went with an oval form (which I drew using a plastic piece of orange (Smurfettes' courtesy). Cut your cardboard label and write whatever you want to put in the FLYT.

Attach your label on the front (small, big, your choice). Wrap some trim around your FLYT, make a little neat bow and you're finished!

Fill it with whatever you want (I use them for my recipes).

And this fabric covering is quite addictive... you can work this magic on every cardboard surface.


  1. Much smarter than the plain white. They look super!

  2. Hi, Geo. Your boxes are beautiful! I used to pad and cover cardbaord boxes with pieced fabrics. They lasted a long time, but eventually gave out (after about 30 years.
    best, nadia