Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm back

Hi everyone!

Our mountain experience is (sadly) over, and we're back home. Our stay in Tirol has always been wonderful, but this year it was so more than that! The hotel was gorgeous, the people were so nice and everything was fantastic... well, except for the weather, which was really variable.

gloomy weather 
sunny / cloudy weather
Not so long nor hard hikes, but plenty of family time!
Smurfette#1 and Hubs - #31 wanderweg in Ehrwald
me, Smurfette#1 and #2 and the goat - Bichlbach alpen zoo
Hubs and Smurfettes - Schwangau
me and Smurfettes (and people) - Ohenschwangau castle
Smurfettes, watching a video on iPhone

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