Friday, July 1, 2011

quilt finished

A few days ago I engaged in this project. Well, I finished the quilt.

the front
the back
the binding
This training quilt surely has been a great school for me. I'm a self-learner quilter, so I don't know much about tradition nor tips and tricks some of you are well packed with... whish I was too... but, as I always say, I live on the wrong side of this planet, and quilting here is not usual. I must learn everything trying it out on my crafts.

Things about this quilt:

  • the sudoku scheme came out wrong (unintentional squares swapping): next time I'll mark every bit of fabric with number, position and direction;
  • when working with squares, unless they are pre-cut in a nice charm pack or something similar, accuracy in cutting is the key; or, alternatively, you must draw seam lines on your fabric and then trim everything;
  • pressing open the seams results in less bulking and more 'discipline' and precision for your walking foot;
wonky but pretty back
  • planning a back is as fun as planning a top, when you try to imagine something you could use also on that side; 
  • I'm not so fond of "full" tops: in fact, in this case, I like the back better... could be 'cause I love the sparse look? (which, by the way, for me is "modernish"...)
  • pins and safety pins are pure bliss in basting a quilt, especially if layers tend to slide around (duh!);
  • yes, safety pins probably get in the way when quilting... guess I must learn how to place them out;

  • binding can be sometime difficult, but a good stitched binding surely makes the quilt look great.

I decided on a simple quilting with straight lines running 1/4 from the ditches, and I opted for a light brown thread to match the mood both on the top and on the back. I love how it came out.

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with this project. It's not the best I can do, obviously, but I'm learning and I hope next project will shine with the things I learned with this one.

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  1. I like it very much and love how you quilted this. Straight lines are a good solution and really....modernish!