Saturday, November 5, 2011

Abilmente - Winter Edition 2011 : what I took home

This post is unforgivably late...

March and October are two of my favourite months, 'cause in Vicenza (Italy) - which happens to be 30km far from home - we have a wonderful fair: Abilmente

While in march it focuses on Easter, in october is all about Christmas. It's really fun and it's a paradise for creative souls... I always go and take home whatever catches my imagination... well, on a budget, obviously. I've found on my expenses that it's crucial to fix a maximum amount to spend, otherwise you end up compulsively buying just about everything. 

This year I was on a crisis-dependant budget, so I really didn't took home all I wanted, but still... 

that's for my cross stitch projects, that usually involve no less than 20 different colors... this should help me keeping things in order

again, for my cross-stitch, plastic bobbins to hold everything in place when stored away; stitch holders for my knitting projects; knitting needles for my socks projects (which I have, but never acted on)

ric-rac and ribbons, intended for Smurfettes' costumes projects

something elaborate both for sewing and other crafts

some quality string, which I bought with package in mind.

I also bought some fabric, but I can't show anything 'cause it's secret projects related. That's all, for this year. Well, if you don't consider the brain overload I came home with...

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