Friday, May 11, 2012

new girls' bedroom - before

I've started tackling the huge mountain of Ikea flat packs of furniture, and the first room I decided to assemble was the girls' bedroom.

It's the bigger room in the house (4.30mtx3.90mt): that's exactly the reason why it's theirs. Although the window faces the north, the room is bright because in front of the house there's a wide but tranquil street and no high buildings.

Here's a very unflattering "before" (please don't mind the mess):

which actually is not the real "before", 'cause before I painted it in lilac it was completely white. I don't have anything against white, in fact I like it very much, but when you have a 2.95mt floor-to-ceiling wall, you might want to make it look a little less intimidating... especially when the room is in a girls' bedroom.

I was asked to paint it pink (and you can easily imagine who asked), but I compromised with lilac.

For this room I have to assemble:
- 2 beds with storage (one down, one to go)
- 2 wardrobes (one down, one to go)
- 2 chests of drawers (one down, one to go)

But this is not the biggest part: the final touches (curtains, beddings, carpets, lights, ...) are going to take forever to be done and ready.

I'll post news as soon as I can.


  1. The wall looks great. (my bedroom walls are lavendar....with a dark purple carpet!)

  2. Hi, Gio. Looks like you'll be busy for awhile! Ikea furniture requires so much patience on top of it all! Good luck!
    best, nadia