Friday, May 25, 2012

new bedroom - before

Let's continue the house tour with the before installments, and here we are in the master bedroom.

Not the best angle, I'm afraid...

Here I used the same dove-grey as the entryway, but painted it full height, with horizontal stripes. You might have noticed I used a stripes pattern which is different for every room. It is not a coincidence, obviously.

For this room, furniture includes:
- two wardrobes;
- one (big) chest of drawers;
- one bed (duh!)
- side tables;
- big rug;
- lights;
- decoration.

This room will also stage three of my most ambitious projects:
- the craft corner
- the headboard made of pallets
- the bed skirt

While I've already planned out everything about the headboard (and I mean planned, down to the last nail) and the bed skirt, I'm still unsure on the outcome for the craft corner. The space is very small and it will have to be highly and perfectly organised to hold everything I have for crafting. This is worrying me, 'cause the current space is *much more* big than the one I have in this new house... I'm probably going to store some things in other places. I hope not, but I might have to. And certainly I'll have to move to another room to actually craft, especially if it's the sewing.

Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Can you store your crafty bits in bins under the bed?