Wednesday, December 7, 2011

crafty christmas - more on nativity scene

Yesterday Smurfette#1 almost completed our nativity scene, and Smurfette#2 promptly proceeded to undo everything 2 minutes after. But that's one of the things about our nativity scenes: we set them up, reset them and set them up once again (several times).

Here are some sneak peeks. There are only the basics: the holy family (minus the baby, who's arriving on the 25th) and the animals (sheeps, ox and donkey). The christmas star is coming around the 20th and the three wise men will step on the scene on the 5th.

But for now, this is it:

I had fun building brick walls and also making the door.
I bought the little bricks in a craft store,
but the door is made with popsicles sticks and a wood skewer.

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